3d Geo Data

GeoData consists of a set of high quality digital maps, designed specifically for the network and infrastructure industry. It helps in planning and optimization of telecommunication networks as well as upcoming infrastructure projects.


3D Planning and Optimization
3D models of cities can be used to run simulations of infrastructure projects. While planning upcoming townships, 3D planning gives a hands-


on approach to viewpoints. It has found extensive use in planning of real-estate projects, giving companies an added advantage of testing the location of their building sites with actual 3D mockups.


GeoData for Network Optimization
GeoData is an essential part of telecom planning for mobile operators. Our GeoData products are a comprehensive solution to 3D planning and optimization requirements to help telecom operators deliver best-in-class performance of their radio networks. Through GeoData, you can visualize the RF coverage of our network on a 3D map of a particular neighborhood and work towards fault correction and optimization of your network.


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