Lepton Software supplies Google Maps APIs for the banking and finance industry. Using our services, you can facilitate your users to conveniently reach your ATMs/Branches while capturing Business Intelligence Data. You may use an efficient system of Field Force Tracking to monitor your field force and take reports on-the-go. You can even integrate Data Products to better understand the demographics of a specified area in terms of population density, census data etc.

Customer Analytics

Optimize your business expansion & presence based on Location Rankings, Comparative Analysis between Locations, Competitor’s Location Analysis and other features.

Understanding customers

Create profiles for current or potential customers and score them based on financial behaviours.

Target locations

Understand and visualise different areas that might fit certain products and customer needs.

Fine-tune marketing

Use location data to segment and customise marketing campaigns and reach the most desirable customers.
Customer Analytics

Field Force Management / Tracking

Efficiently Track, Manage & Communicate with your Field Force while be able to take remote attendance, share job details, take reports, etc.

Field Force Management / Tracking

Locate & Manage Field Force

Using Google map interface, field force can be located and managed in a live and interactive environment.

Route Plan Optimization

Using Google Maps API efficient route/ beat planning can be done in advance or on the fly.

Increase Channel Efficiency

Different field team at respective geographical locations can be efficiently managed.

ATM/Branch Locator

Facilitate your users to conveniently reach your ATMs /Branches while capturing Business Intelligence Data.

Customer Convenience

Allow your customer to easily navigate to your ATMs/Branches through map interface.

Plan ATM/Branch Network Expansion

Based on customer search data, new ATM/Branch location can be planned by doing gap analysis.

Customer Feedback

Heatmap of customer feedback across different ATMs/Branches can be generated and visualized on interactive map.

ATM/Branch Locator

Data Products

Detailed Maps of various Pin Codes, Landmark Maps, Demographic Data Maps and various other solutions which suit your needs.

Data Products

Accentuate your Location Data

Enhance your Location-insights via specific products which give you layered and precise information.

Improve Business Monitoring Expansion Planning

Using external data layers like demography data, lifestyle data, affluence data & business expansion can be planned.

Business Perfomance vs Demography Data

Correlate business performance such as income level, gender, age group, literacy and socio-economic parameter relevant to the business.


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