Lepton Software is a Premier partner for Google Cloud Platform in India, Middle East and Singapore.

Why Google Cloud?
Connected business platformsGoogle Cloud Paltform
App development & managementGoogle Cloud Paltform
Data analytics & machine learningGoogle Cloud Paltform
Infrastructure, storage , networkGoogle Cloud Paltform

The Google Cloud Difference

 Secure and trusted infrastructure

Mobility and devices
enabteamsled productive

Data to predict business outcomes

Growth in business
platforms for services
and partners

New app delivery for customers,
partners and employees

Connect Business platforms and improve business productivity

Key Benefits

Gain value from data to predict business outcomes

Google’s services for data analytics such as BigQuery,BigTable

Googles network is one of the biggest in the world

Google’s 9,000km trans-Pacific cable is the highest-capacity undersea cable ever built and lands in Oregon

Achieve scalable Infrastructure

Very less VM Boot time,Autoscaling

Optimize infrastructure costs

Per-Sec billing,Sustained use discounts, Custom machine types etc.

Inject AI into Your Business

Machine Learning & Data Analytics: Cloud ML, TensorFlow

Google Cloud Platform Customers

Source: Google Cloud Platform


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