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With the quality services of Lepton Software, your insurance company can offer a host of features to its clients. Integrating location based services, you can make it convenient for users to locate areas of interest. Visualise user demographics to plan for future expansion in specific areas. Get an edge over your competitors in the insurance industry by viewing emergency information on a map to support decision-making during critical operations.

Location Analytics

Give the end-user an ease of finding the POI (Gas station, Hospital, Police station etc.)

Customer Convenience

Allow your customer to easily navigate to your offices through map interface.

Plan Office Network Expansion

Based on customer search data, new office location can be planned by doing gap analysis.

Customer Feedback

A heatmap of customer feedback across different offices can be generated and visualized on interactive map.

Customer Satisfaction

Display office informations online to help customers identify locations where services are available.

Dealer & Service Centre Locator

Improve Underwriting

Our solutions help in estimating exact figures through precision data.

Improve Underwriting

Create Accurate Quotes

Model and visualise customer demographics in specific areas for more accurate policies and quotes.

Model Risk

Situations can be simulated and visualised to help assess future risks.

Efficient Claims Process

Make the claims process smoother, faster & hassle-free both for your customer & for internal resources.

Better Claims Process

One model that allows all the relevant information to be collected from the field and shared with the appropriate staff.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Your teams can better serve customers by having access to information about their area.

Efficient Claims Process

Efficient Sales & Marketing

Optimize your sales efforts precision targeting.

Efficient Sales & Marketing

Target Marketing

Analyse demographics and customer behaviour by geography, making offers more targeted and relevant.

Map Sales Territories

Map territories by area to improve visibility into sales performance.

Better Incident Management

Enhance analytical capacity related to claims & incidents.

Improve Decision Making

View and assess the impact of incidents with improved modelling and geographic data for more accurate loss information.

Improve Incident Management

Easily track and share information with claims teams, and deploy agents by locating and dispatching the nearest field crews.

Reconstruct Accidents

Reconstruct recent accidents with fully or partially obstructed views with improved 3D and 2D modelling.

Better Incident Management

Data Products

Detailed Maps of various Pin Codes, Landmark Maps, Demographic Data Maps and various other solutions which suit your needs.

Dealer & Service Centre Locator

Accentuate Your Location Data

Enhance your Location-insights via specific products which give you layered and precise information.

Improve Business Monitoring Expansion Planning

Using external data layers like demography data, lifestyle data, affluence data & business expansion can be planned.

Business Performance vs Demography Data

Correlate business performance such as income level, gender, age group, literacy and socio-economic parameter relevant to the business.


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