A unified, centralized, web and mobile based application where users can perform ultra-fast feasibility at the click of a button eliminating the need to go to field for network connectivity. This tool is a unique innovation to automate the customer acquisition process.

The solution is built on a robust GIS platform consuming the map data and is delivered as a web and mobile-based solution to ensure “Anytime”, “Anywhere” & “Any Device” accessibility.

It facilitates on-site real-time updation of physical utilization of cable for each new customer and has the capability to do all kinds of feasibility; technology and product wise, through a single platform.


  • Performs wireline, bandwidth, wireless, wi-max and ultra-fast bulk feasibility
  • Provides different technology coverage analysis on different heights at the customer end
  • Shows the best feasible option (highest building or existing tower) available for LOS within the defined territory in the form of a radial distance
  • Facilitates the user to check at what mast height, Fresnel zone clearance is 100% for a given frequency
Features of Network feasibility



  • Enables sales team to perform feasibility from the field
  • Generates quick quotations for communication
  • Updates CRM of accurate field feasibility
  • Network planning with multiple locations need visual analysis of location data on MAP unlike conventional tabular or graphical view only
  • Single Point of Truth: Exchanging data consumes more than 50% of the time in business operations & planning
  • SmartFeasibility results in fast customer service, huge cost efficient & centralized solution for whole network
Benefits of Network Feasibility


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