SmartInventory is a unified comprehensive web-based telecom network inventory management and planning tool with the capability to integrate customized layer of Map Data and perform analysis onto it. With this the users can avail features of all the telecom modules like OSP, ISP, Logical, Wi-max, RF network, IOT and Microwave for Network Management and planning prospects at a single platform.


  • Spatial and attribute editing on web
  • Planning over the updated Inventory of telecom assets
  • Creation of passive (splices) and Active (Tx links & Circuits) using ODF and Splice Closures
  • On-site real-time updation of Physical Utilization of Cable
  • Real-time view of Bandwidth utilization of Telecom Assets
  • Track the exact location of Fiber Break even in the case of Partial Cut
  • Advance Alternate path search between 2 points with Physical and Logical Network Availability upto port/ slots level
  • Automatic work order generation for Layer 1 as well as Layer 2
  • Schematic Diagram generation for Layer1 as well as Layer 2 on a single click
  • Centralized Network data on Web for Decision Making and Business Planning
telecom network

It stands as a common platform for Network and Business Professionals, providing a comprehensive view of all network assets from one window to all the parties and eliminates asset reconciliation reducing asset audit time.


  • Quickly identify the physical location of a fiber break by entering OTDR measurements
  • Assure SLA and simplify service provisioning
  • Trace the physical connected path of a network
  • Faster repair intervals with accurate network outage detection
  • Identify impacted circuits and customers with Integrated Inventory
  • Identify sections with maximum faults
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Empower upstream and downstream organizations to be more self-sufficient
Benefits of telecom network


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