Lepton provides a cloud based location analytics platform called SmartMarket to help an organization plan its business expansion and retail presence efficiently through visual analytics & other statistical data. One of the most important element that governs the success of a retail outlet is the Location. If selection of location is done right the first time using the scientific and location analytics, chances of better ROI and store performance increases manifolds.

SmartMarket is an easy to use but highly sophisticated and intelligent tool for a future proof location strategy. It has an offline version under the same platform of Market Pulse, which is MarketPulse  SmartPlanner.


Few of the many exciting features of the platform are:

  • Ranking of the locations and comparing them with each other against business defined parameters.
  • Finding out catchment areas specific to the business potential.
  • Statistical analysis against each catchment area using external map layers i.e. (Demographic presence, Economic activity, Retail cost, Earning and Expenditure patterns etc.)
  • Plotting Competitor’s location on Map and comparing them with existing or planned new locations.
  • Create multiple session across different users for later analysis and comparing results with existing business locations.
  • Helps different organization plan location based marketing strategies and outdoor advertisements.

Thus, strength and weakness of various locations can be analyzed and an informed decision can be taken to shortlist specific locations in consideration to expand the geographic spread.


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