SmartPlanner is a web based automated FTTX network planning application useful during the entire lifecycle of fibre network planning namely

  • Strategic planning
  • Initial design
  • Field survey
  • Fine tune design
  • Detail design

A typical FTTX network planning and design takes 30 minutes per home which can be reduced to 5 minutes with GIS based automated SmartPlanner application.

FTTX network planning


  • Reduction in FTTX network planning time from several weeks to few hours
  • Creation of a large number of networks in short time
  • Consistent and efficient network design
  • Optimal manpower utilization
  • Quick, rich automated dashboards, reports and analysis across board: customized to users and available at the click of a button
  • Minimizes re-working
  • Centralized, Google GIS platform: Elimination of proprietary GIS software like MapInfo, SmallWorld, ArcGIS, etc.


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