Lepton software pioneered globally in Location Intelligence based IT solutions and services has enabled its clients to efficiently manage its field force & vehicle tracking. Through SmartTrack, field force can be enabled to perform its task on the mobile device while planning and tracking their field movements remotely can be done by their managers through its web-based application. Through this application field managers can create jobs list and the field teams can use smartphone apps to update their real time job status, enabling management to keep a track on their work.


Using their mobile device, field managers can view detailed information about the job, as well as can add their own notes which are immediately stored in the application server. This workforce management assists in assigning tasks, monitoring and coordinating in real time.

Benefits to the management

  • Brings the field staff closer to the team enabling fast communication between them
  • Ensures better account management
  • Automates attendance processes—field staff can punch in their attendance on fly
  • Reduces fudging of transportation claims by the staff
  • Allows field force to upload field information in the form of text, photographs, voice etc.
  • Dashboard for management improves sales reporting providing a good view of the market conditions and predicting sales
  • Service teams can be allocated jobs on the fly making sure customers are addressed on time
Efficient Claims Process

Manage sales force and route planning:

The application benefits feet on street (FOS) by reducing the travelling time and optimizing their travelling plan. Easy to lead access intelligence enables fetching data from the CRM to plan the day and suggests the route to be followed by filtering the accounts to be targeted.

Document management reduces the risk of losing the documents. This tool is eco-friendly as it reduces the use of paper and helps in better sales penetration. It defines a territory for the field force reducing any kind of lax in the work by its geofencing tool thereby adding prosperity in field force tracking and management.


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