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NetworkAccess helps Communications Service Providers efficiently plan, design, maintain and document the complete planning and Inventory. NetworkAccess inventorize complete network both in terms of wire line and wireless assets either through automated scripts or by integrating with different systems in network. It provides integrated feasibility module as well as separate feasibility module in terms of functionality like Wire line, wireless, Infra and Bandwidth feasibility module. For network builds, changes, and rearrangements, NetworkAccess automates the entire engineering work order life cycle with easy access to accurate and timely plan design details.NetworkAccess

NetworkAccess provides an open, configurable, and scalable geospatial environment supporting fiber, and all network equipment used by both fixed and mobile operators.  Network Access is purpose-built for the communications industry, helping CSPs to achieve their goals for better visualization and management of the network design and build processes that enable data flow-through to surround systems.

Detailed information about all the components deployed or to be deployed in the network is available including settings, expected status and performance, Geo-reference and address. The entire process is fully interactive as the documentation, design, customer acquisition and engineering tasks are carried out simultaneously – there is no need for separate tools and modules. As well as ensuring data integrity this also contributes considerably to greater efficiency throughout the workforce.

NetworkAccess provides a wealth of features for fiber network sections working seamlessly with the Fiber core level details. The network modeling facilities enable the user to calculate optical budgets as well as the detailed presentation of cables, splice boxes, Manholes and optical components. Signal tracing allows the user to analyze through-connected cables and lists the locations, splice boxes and manholes passed. Various reports can be generated, e.g. detailed splice plans, inventory utilization, build plan etc.

NetworkAccess turns network investment into profitability more quickly through faster network builds and optimization of resources.  With robust connectivity and tracing, NetworkAccess provides a complete end-to-end view of the entire network leading to efficiencies in all downstream processes that rely on accurate and accessible network information.

NetworkAccess Modules

SmartInventory is a web-based Inventory Management application(on premise & cloud) which enables enterprises to create, visualize and update their inventory from anytime anywhere.

A unified Web-Based application(on premise & cloud) where users can perform feasibility- Technology wise & Product wise for enterprise business segment at single a platform. SmartFeasibility results in fast customer service, huge cost saving & centralized solution for the whole network.

Web-based planning tool(on premise & cloud) which enables large telcos to automate their process and plan their network design &  coverage considering various parameters based on different business logic.

Innovative Next Generation solution for Telco to facilitate their customers and internal stakeholders to view the network coverage information and to view store location.

Web-based smart application(on premise & cloud) which drive informed decision making for Network Planning, Sales, Marketing, Top Management based on information from various sources, Inventory data, Planning data, Sales data, Market data, Competition data, Map Data etc

All of these modules can be customized per user needs.

Solution Features

The  solution is  Web-Based application(on premise & cloud) where users can inventories all the telecom modules like OSP, ISP and Logical for planning, feasibility, inventory and reporting prospects at a single platform. System  offer below mentioned benefits to the user:

  1. Effective analysis to map new customers into the existing fiber network, related locations and connected networks.
  2. An easy approach to build network planning and designing with established tools & features in keeping a unified view of the existing network.
  3. Effortless re-designing of the network owing to any changes or modification.
  4. Create and update fiber network from anywhere using any device (laptop, desktop, tablet or mobile etc) at any time.

Application Areas

  • Fiber Operations
  • Network planning
  • Wireless/Wireline Feasibility
  • Network Coverage View
  • Location Based Services
  • Asset Tracking

NetworkAccess USPs

  • Centralized: Network data on Centralized Web-based platform(on premise & cloud) for Decision Making and Business Planning
  • Scalable: Architecture based on Open API and can be easily integrated with enterprise existing OSS/BSS system
  • Accurate: Uses Google Map for strong and up to date geospatial visualization
  • Real-time: view of utilization of Telecom Assets
  • Automatic: work order generation for Layer 1 as well as Layer 2
  • Consistent: provide consistent network view to all parties
  • Location Aware: Business & Network Planning with multiple locations need visual analysis of location data on the map
  • One Stop Solution: a visual canvas for customer engagement, business planning, operations management and productivity improvements
  • Footprint: The solution is already being used by 20+ million satisfied customers




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