Leverage Location Intelligence with
Google Maps Platform

Lepton is the oldest and the largest Google Maps premier partner in India and has been working closely with Google for 10+ years to integrate Maps technology into applications. We are the leaders in Location Intelligence, Analytics, Map Data & Geospatial Consulting with 25+ years of experience across multiple business verticals.

Lepton has enabled 500+ companies in their growth journey since our inception.

Google Maps Platform is a visual canvas for customer engagement, business planning, and productivity improvements. Help customers & employees find and manage resources, assets, and information.

Google Maps by the Numbers

Google Maps APIs


  • JavaScript Maps
  • Static Maps API
  • Street View API
  • Embed API


  • Directions API
  • Distance Matrix API
  • Roads API


  • Places API
  • Geocoding API
  • Geolocation API
  • Time Zone API
  • Elevation API

Google Maps Use Cases

Store Locator

Generate more revenue by making it easier for potential customers to find you. Provide the name, address, opening hours and other details of each of your locations.

Asset Tracker

Reduce operating costs through optimized routing and better asset visibility. Predict travel time between points based on historical data and current condition traffic. Tracked entities can include people, vehicles or any moving assets. You can group assets into collections and associate collections with geofences (regions of interest).

Travel Planning

Make customer conversions effortless by giving them the complete picture for their travel destination. Help your users plan their upcoming trip with detailed maps, useful local information, and predicted travel times between locations, any time or day.

Location Tracking

Offer real-time features to potential users and drive more downloads. Track your users location and develop powerful fitness applications and more.

Google Maps New Model has been Launched
“Time to Begin Your New Journey with Google Maps”

Critical Changes

  • Keyless usage got deprecated in July 2018.
  • Annual Advance payment (pre-paid) to Monthly payment (post-paid).
  • Separate Pricing for individual API.

Key Learning

  • Google Maps API optimization will play a major role in your monthly bill savings.
  • Existing Google Map users paying through credit card can save upto 70% with billing through Lepton.

Lepton Adds Value

  • Being Oldest & largest Google Maps partner in India.
  • Provides telephonic support of your technical and admin queries.
  • With expertise in optimization & experience in smooth transition without service interruptions.

Our initial adopters saved upto 70%

Time to begin the transition from

Google Maps API Platform (Old Model)


Online Billing through Credit Card


Google Maps Platform (New Model)

for Indian enterprise customers.

Lepton Google Maps Clients

Case Studies

"Vodafone used to manually perform physical surveys for each feasibility, which is a time-consuming and labor-intensive process. Often, feasibility studies were delayed, and we missed out on opportunities to serve additional customers. With SmartFeasibility, we've increased our capacity 15 fold, which positively impacts our bottom line and allows us to provide better and smarter customer service." —Rajneesh Asthana, IT Planning and Delivery, Vodafone India

"Google Maps Platform helps us give context to customers as they conduct research and evaluate possible options with respect to location. The Geocoding, Directions and Distance Matrix APIs help us give context to customers as they conduct research and evaluate possible options with respect to location." —Amit Kumar Singh, Senior Vice President of Product Management, 99acres

Customer’s Voice

“Lepton has been an important partner for us with respect to on boarding Google maps on our digital assets. This has led to significantly improved customer experience and improved revenues because it helps us get a fairly accurate estimate of the customer’s location and hence serviceability. Lepton has also been proactive in trying to identify other areas of the business where different aspects of their expertise can add value. In addition, the team is quite knowledgeable, responsive and helpful.“ Anand Thakur, Chief Digital Officer – Domino's

“It all started with one stray conversation with a Rider who had lost his way in the middle of nowhere. Left stranded with no help at sight and no network on his phone, it was quite an (mis)adventurous ride back to safety. We realized that a phone is not meant to be mounted on a handlebar by riding enthusiasts. It cannot be used under rainfall and extreme weather conditions, gets damaged by the bike’s vibration and is difficult to read under sunlight. This got our minds ticking…….”How do we solve the problems faced by riding enthusiasts so they can enjoy their ride better? ”. With single minded drive we set about designing Maximum, to provide a contextual and redefined navigational experience through a separate smart Display which can be mounted on the Bike’s handlebar instead of a phone. With Maximum a Rider can discover biking routes and personalize them. It provides distraction free turn by turn directions even when offline, a highly valued feature for Indian 2 Wheeler riders. With their understanding of the Indian 2 Wheeler rider’s psyche, Lepton has been an integral part of this journey. They have provided invaluable support in understanding how the Google APIs can power Maximum to provide an India specific and 2-wheeler centric experience to the Rider. By enabling this association , Lepton has opened up multiple opportunities for us to enter into different 2 wheeler segments.“ Paramita Nath, Sr. Product Manager – KPIT